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ID-STEM is an initiative to gather comprehensive data about factors that impact the climate for STEM faculty at Cal Poly. This initiative is supported by the National Science Foundation, Advance program. (Cal Poly 2008 IT Start Award)

This website offers opportunities to learn more About ID-STEM and to meet the ID-STEM Leadership Team. We also encourage you to read about ID-STEM Assessment Activities and Events. Additionally, you can view relevant data and survey results, as well as pertinent climate-related policies, as we go about Measuring Progress.

This site also provides information on our Institutional Mentors, as well as ID-STEM‘s College Liaisons and Working Groups and local Partner Initiatives at Cal Poly.

If you are interested in joining an ID-STEM working group or sharing any stories about your experience as a faculty member at Cal Poly, please do not hesitate to send Feedback and Suggestions.

Please note that ID-STEM keeps individual information confidential—including information about focus group participation and personal interviews. At no time will any individual faculty data be accessible to other faculty or administrators. This restriction applies to ID-STEM Leadership Team members unless informed consent has been given to specific team members as part of a focus group or personal interview.

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